Our Story, Let’s Beegin

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We are a busy young family that is always on the go. We often make fresh meals at home and have the habit of taking snacks with us whenever we go out. As avid nature lovers, we were looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap but couldn’t find anything in stores. Inspired by the birth of our son, to create reusable plastic-free products that leave a positive impact on our world.

Clarice, Tommaso & Gabriele

Made by hand with love in Rome Italy, Beegin beeswax food wraps are an essential and effective way to store food and reduce plastic waste for every kitchen. Beegin Wraps are biodegradable, compostable, reusable, easy to use and will liven up your fridge and day-old leftovers.

Wrap, Wash, Reuse, Repeat!

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