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Do your Beegin Wraps need a little pick-me-up? Give your beeswax wraps a refresher and bring them back to life – or even better make beeswax wraps at home! It could be a fun activity with the kids!

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Refresh Bars, 12 Euros


2 Refresh Bars per pack, weighing 50grams each.


The Beegin Refresh Bars consists of Italian Beeswax, Pine Resin and Organic Jojoba Oil. It’s the exact recipe we use when creating our beeswax wraps.

Creates 6 small wraps (20cm x 20cm)

3 medium wraps (30cm x 30cm)

1-2 large wraps (40cm x 40cm)

What You’ll Need to Repair or Create Your Beeswax Wraps:

  1. An Ironing Board
  2. An Iron set to medium heat (enough that the wax melts and saturates the fabric) therefore adjust your heat accordingly
  3. 2 Sheets of Wax Paper ( the size of your parchment sheet should be larger than your cotton fabric)
  4. A kitchen or tea towel that is slightly larger than the size of your selected fabric
  5. A grater (you’ll want to buy one only to use with the beeswax bars)
  6. A Refresh Bar
  7. Cotton Fabric. You can use cotton fabric scraps that you already have or even an old bedsheet or shirt. You’ll want to use a piece of THIN cotton fabric, the thicker the fabric the more beeswax will be absorbed and we cannot guarantee the number of beeswax wraps you’ll be able to make if you use thick cotton fabric. *Please do not use synthetic fabric as it isn’t intended for that*

English Video Tutorial: How to Repair Your Wraps

What You’ll Need To Repair or DIY Your Own Beeswax Wraps Instructions

  1. Turn your iron on to the medium-high setting
  2. Place your kitchen towel on your ironing board
  3. Place one of your wax paper sheets in the middle of the kitchen towel
  4. Place your old beeswax wrap / ruined beeswax wrap or new cotton fabric square in the middle of the wax paper
  5. Grate a small amount of your Refresh Bar (you can always grate more as needed)
  6. Spread the grated pieces of the Refresh Bar all over the wrap (when creating new wraps) or spread the grated pieces on the cotton fabric that need to be rewaxed & then cover with the second piece of wax paper
  7. Place your iron on top of the grated beeswax and, as it melts, slowly push the melted wax to the edges of the fabric with the iron
  8. Continue to slowly work the wax evenly across the fabric until it has all melted and the cotton fabric is saturated with the wax mixture. Be careful and continue moving the iron so you don’t burn the wax!
  9. Once the wax is melted and fully saturated into the fabric, remove the top piece of wax paper, peel off the waxed cotton fabric and waft for 20 seconds (or until dry to the touch)
  10. Woohoo! You have made your own beeswax wrap/ repaired your beeswax wrap! You can start using it right away or store it for later.
*Please note, whether you are repairing or creating a new beeswax wrap all of the equipment remains the same.
The only difference is the quantity of wax you require for your cotton fabric.
For example, you might need to use less wax to repair an existing wrap, versus if you’re making a brand new wrap, you’ll need to use more of the Refresh Bar.*

Italian Video Tutorial: DIY Beeswax Wraps With Our Refresh Bar

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