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Current Skincare Favorites


Hey girlfriends, today I’m giving you the lowdown on my favorite skincare products.  In the video below I show you how I use each product, but here you’ll find the details on why I’m crushing on them.  In general, I’d say that my skin type is normal to dry and that I have an even complexion.  I’ve been noticing that my skin hasn’t been as radiant, (more like dull), my fine lines are more evident to me than before and that I’ve been needing to use more makeup in order to compensate for the lack of ‘glow’.  Also, now that I’ve entered the 30’s (OH MY GAWD) I want to take better care of my skin.  I’ve been more conscious of ingredients and (potentially) harmful chemicals that are used in the makeup and in the skincare industry that I found it really difficult to commit to making an ‘investment’ (cause the good stuff ain’t cheap).