Weekend Away, Sabaudia


What better way than to head out of the city to spend some time at the beach before the long weekend.  We decided to get a lead on long weekend vibes and shoot down to Sabaudia for a couple of days before the crowds started to trickle in.  We left early Thursday morning and drove roughly 2 hours to San Felice beach and spent a good portion of the day there, before making our way to Agriturismo Mizzon.  

Prior to living in Italy, I had never heard of an Agriturismo and never would have thought to stay in one, but since moving here, I’m all about it and you should be too! Agriturismo’s are farm-stays (I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinkining about it too.  I ain’t stayin on no farm! But hold your horses!).  Some of these places can be very romantic and luxurious, they’re also great for family vacations.  It’s like, agriculture meets tourism. The food that is prepared is typically produced on the farm or at the very least made locally.  The property is broken up into three parts; the restaurant, residential and farming area.  As you can imagine it’s a big piece of land and well maintained.  The best part of this experience is definitely the food! So fresh and tasty!

So far, I’ve stayed at 2 Agriturismo’s in Italy (this is the second) and loved the experience (the other was a Castle- say whaaaaat, ya I k-n-o-w. Uber cool and would definitely recommend staying there too!)  Other times, we just ate at an Agriturismo for lunch or dinner.  So, don’t feel the need to stay overnight, but ya gotta try it sometime!

The apartment is equipped with two air conditioners (jackpot)!  One is located on the main floor and the other is slightly higher up the wall closer towards the bedroom.  AC  isn’t easy to come by in Italy, so when you have it, it’s aaaah-mazing. Fully stocked cupboards with everything you need (bonus they have extras on things like garbage bags under the sink and table covers.  This might seem like a small thing, but I’m always about the details.  It’s that kind of a mentality that can make your stay extra enjoyable…haha or for someone that’s as high maintenance as me, it does haha).

After checking into our room, scoping the place out and taking a nap, it was time to eat!  Unfortunately, we didn’t think to make reservations at the restaurant, so when we headed on over, they were booked all night (like, Lionel Richie’s, “All Night Long”).

Full house? No problem, Pietro (one of the brother’s that co-owns the business), was quick to suggest room service.  I’ve never had that option before staying at other places in Italy, so we were quick to jump on that bandwagon.   It’s almost unheard of to get that type of service in Italy, unless you’re staying at some sort of hotel franchise.  It’s old school.  Now, this sounds like a sweet place, doesn’t it?  Truth be told, sometimes “if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  Listen, I’m a glass half full kind a gal and I was pretty disappointed when we received our antipasto (appetizers) and drinks over an hour late, nevermind the time it took to get our entrees, they did however in the end give us a discount in the tab, but when you’re hungry who cares about that.  Anyhow, we both ordered steaks and they were pretty good (sorry no pics provided, it was très late).  For dessert we headed into the town to grab some gelato and stroll the streets, then called it a night.

Wakey, wakey.  Eggs and bakey. Breakfast is served between 8am-10am and was decked out to suit anyone’s sweet tooth. Croissants, crostata (Italian for tart jam pie), ciambellone (Italian what I think is a type of bundt cake), ciambella or ciambella fritta (Italian for donut) among other things.  A variety of fresh fruit and juices, tea and coffee were also served.

If you’re interested in booking your stay with Agriturismo Fratelli Mizzion, please go to their website for more information on rates and availability.  Overall, we loved it and would definitely stay there again.

In case you were wondering what the quote on the wall means, (loosely translated)

“Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love”.  Ain’t that somethin.

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