Cefalù Sicily Travel Guide: What to Eat & Where to Stay

Video Post – Collaboration with Dragonfly Events Cefalù

Hey Beauties, it’s my first try at vlogging, so sorry in advance if it was underwhelming lol! Also, how HUGE are my sunglasses ahaha!  They didn’t seem that big at the time, but I still love them lol.  It certainly didn’t follow the typical play by play of the standard vlog, but I didn’t want to skimp out on sharing how wonderful of an experience it was for us!  We’re almost midway through January and I thought this might help inspire your upcoming travels and keep you going through the rest of your snowy and cold winters (most of my readers are from North America).  On a side note, this past year I’ve been a brunette and after watching the video I miss my lighter hair, so I’ve gone back to highlights and I’ll share it with you in a later post! Now, let’s jump right to it!

We had the opportunity work with Mari & Valentina (Destination Wedding Planners) to collaborate on the campaign for the launch of their company Dragonfly Events Cefalù.  Originally they started off in accommodations, offering B&B and holiday apartment rentals in the city center and surrounding area. Over the years they realized their true calling was in Wedding Planning. Dragonfly Events is a family run business, Mari and Valentina are sister-in-laws and although they’re a compact team, they’re very flexible, super attentive and pay attention to every detail.  Although they work collaboratively as wedding planners, Valentina’s  specialty is in cake design.

My perspective for writing this post was from what it was like to work with them on the staged and themed (Dirty Dancing) engagement photo shoot, in addition to being city guide on things to see and do in Cefalù.  Weeks leading up to our departure flight from Rome to Palermo, Mari & Valentina asked for my measurements as they wanted to provide clothing for the various scenes from the film, but more importantly, to recreate the famous pink dress used in the final dance sequence. I really loved that idea!  They took care of everything: our flights, transfers, accommodations, clothing, hair, you name it, they took care of it all! So if you decide to have your wedding or elopement, you’ll be in good hands.

So before we knew it, we were off to Cefalù! They arranged for us to stay at one of their apartments located right in the heart of the city center of Cefalù.  After checking into our apartment, Mari & Valentina dropped off all the clothes for the four-day shoot for a fitting appointment.  Once they decided on which scenes we were going to shoot for the day, we headed down to Silvana’s hair salon.  Ladies, if you’re ever in Cefalù, you need to see Silvana! She’s phenomenal with hair, I had volume that lasted all day long; the curls lasted, the partial up-do, just everything she did to my hair over those days was perfection.  Also, being blonde at the time, she managed to keep my hair looking healthy and smooth. Honestly, can’t say enough nice things about her.

Nunzio Turdo, Wedding Planner, Dragonfly Events

Nunzio Turdo, Wedding Planner, Dragonfly Events

Resturants we ate at

Ristorante La Brace

We ate at La Brace twice for dinner out of the three nights, both the fish and meat dishes are fantastic.

Le Chat Noir

We had seafood at Chat Noir, it was great but found the portions to be quite small.

Il Vecchio e Il Mare

We ate here after taking a stroll by the beach, the place seemed nice enough, but the food wasn’t great it was alright.

Sicilian Foods you’ll want to try

You’ve basically got all your essential food groups covered in this bad-boy and nothing beats eating the foods where they originated.  Arancine comes in all sorts of varieties (my favorite being ragu), but I definitely don’t discriminate.  Arancine is similar to their relatives the Supplì (they’re also a type of rice ball, much smaller and have a different shape than Arancini.)

ragu,sicilian, sicily

Pane con la milza

It’s a spleen sandwich and is a very popular street food snack for people on the go.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get this while I was in Cefalù, but I really like innards and organs.  This would be right up my alley.

pane con milza, sicilian, sicily


Italians love their sweets and the cannoli along with tiramisu and gelato tops the list regardless of the season. I’ve only ever had cannoli’s here in Italy, not sure how they par back home in Toronto but something tells me it was worth the wait.  Cannolis have fried shells which are then stuffed with ricotta cheese and topped in all sorts of ways (see photo below). They can come in small and large sizes and the best is when they stuff the shell right in front of you, it’s the freshest and the shell isn’t soggy.

cannoli, sicilian, sicily


Let’s start off by saying I’m not really a fan of the cassata and I don’t like mixing liqueurs with desserts (I like them separately) and I don’t like candied fruits.  Curious what the inside looks like? The center is filled with ricotta cheese, then a layer of sponge cake to form its shape, followed by the green icing and topped with the candied fruit.

cassata,sicilian, sicily

Photo by Sicilias

Beaches to visit

Kalura Beach (also known as Spiaggia Caldura) was a 20-or-so minute scooter ride from the city center.  It’s a small to medium size beach and also has a private area open to guests staying at Hotel Kalura. In case you were wondering what it looks like, it’s featured in the vlog above (watch it in HD).

The cinematic features of beach in the old town of Cefalù make the perfect romantic backdrop to engagement photos.

Dragonfly Events Cefalù, Wedding Planners, Wedding Destination Sicily, Engagement Photoshoot, Movie Inspired Engagement

Photography Nunzio Turdo

Nunzio Turdo, Wedding Planner, Dragonfly Events

Photography Nunzio Turdo

Cefalù is the perfect backdrop for any relaxing, seafood-loving daydream you might be having.  The people here are so warm and friendly, the city itself isn’t very large, I’m pretty sure you could walk it all in a day. Although tourism seems to be high in this area, there’s a good balance between the old and new.
Did you like my video?  Should I make more videos and what do you want them to be about? Also, don’t forget to let me know in the comments below of other cities I should visit in Sicily.  Have you visited Cefalù? What are you favorite Sicilian foods that you’ve tried or want to try?
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