Bare Beauty Essentials: Eyelash Extensions

Out with the old and in with the new. The beauty industry has turned it up a few notches on fake lashes by creating semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They’ve got us lusting over totally attainable long luscious lashes that can last up to 4 weeks if you’re lucky.   This trend (which I hope never goes away) isn’t just about making your full face of makeup POP, but it seriously W-E-R-K-S your natural facial assets with minimal to no makeup required (Yes Girl, I woke up like this!).

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Looking flawless “au naturel” has never been so easy. If you’re anything like me, mascara (and filling in my eyebrows) go head to head on taking first place in my makeup routine (and take the longest to do), followed by sunscreen, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, black eyeliner, bronzer, and blush.  This is pretty much how I’d sum up my 25-minute makeup routine sans eyelash extensions.  If I’ve got them on, you can drop that time down to 5-10 mins and I feel ready to rock my day because I feel sexy and confident without all that additional makeup!

xtreme lashes, lash, eyelashes, lash extender, cosmetology, false lashes, eyelash curler

This is what I look like barefaced, literally without a drop of makeup. But that glow came from spending the afternoon at the spa.

My lash situation, they’re good. They’re maybe medium length or just shy of that and with proper mascara application they’re even better, but they’re not fabulously full, thick or long for that matter. They aren’t noticeable (in a flattering way) and  I hate that if I haven’t applied a proper amount of mascara I look “tired” throughout the day.  Also, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with disposable lashes.  I somehow manage to not glue them on properly (they start to fall off) or the end closest to my inner eye starts to poke me and after trying to reapply, I lose my patience and get frustrated, so in the end, I just take them off.    It looks strange wearing disposable lashes without a full face of makeup, it’s obvious that you’re wearing falsies versus wearing potentially natural looking semi-permanent ones.  So for a number of reasons like retiring the “tired look”, not having to struggle with false lashes and taking less time to get ready I tried eyelash extensions.

The eyelash extensions craze has been around for a hot minute in North America, but has slowly grown in popularity in Rome within the past couple of years, Hallelujah! Here is a list of my pros and cons to consider before booking your next appointment.  At the end of the post, I’ve included salon suggestions on where to get Eyelash extensions done (if you’re visiting or living in Rome).

xtreme lashes, lash, eyelashes, lash extender, cosmetology, false lashes, eyelash curler

The first time I got them done, I used the C curl and a mix of 11mm&12mm
  • It made my eyes appear larger/open.
  • I literally can get away with the bare essentials (where makeup is concerned) and still feel confident with a minimum amount of makeup, plus they’re smudge-proof. #goals
  • Eyelash styles are completely customizable but here’s a list of names for some of the most requested styles: natural, cat eye, doll or glamorous.
  • During application, you get to take a nap.
  • They can last 2-3 weeks.
  • You can wear full eye makeup with it (but personally I feel sexier without wearing as much makeup with these on.)
  • You always look ready morning or night.
  • Flawless selfies -Guaranteed.
  • They’re super high maintenance; daily combing with a spooley brush and depending on how well you maintain your lashes, you’ll need to refill every 2-3weeks.
  • You’ll need to stay clear of oil-based makeup removers as the oil eats away at the glue and causes your expensive lashes to fall out sooner than later
  • You might be surprised but if you have a habit of sleeping on your side, you might need to break that habit. I found while sleeping with my extensions they would tangle or adjust into a weird position, which combing out couldn’t fix.  When I have them in, I have to sleep on my back.
  • It’s seriously addicting.
  • I know eyelash extensions aren’t a cosmetic procedure, but it doesn’t take away the risks to getting infections or severe allergic reactions. So definitely do your homework.
 After waking up for several months with a full set of voluptuous, thick, black lashes it was a rude awakening to take a break from them. Even when I haven’t picked at them, I’ve noticed that my natural lashes take about three months to get back to its normal length and thickness.  I’m currently taking a break from them because they’re an expensive habit and I’m saving up for my wedding in April next year. I’m almost 100% sure I’ll get them done either for or just after the wedding or honeymoon.

My final verdict on eyelash extensions is that I really love them if you haven’t already jumped on this trend you really should! It takes your confidence to the next level and it’s nonsurgical, so if you’ve got extra cash bumin around and want to freshen up your look, GO FOR IT!

As promised, below is a list of salons in Rome, some I’ve tried or have been recommended to try!  Let me know in the comments below if you can recommend other salons and what your experience has been like!

Mundo Extension (I’ve been here)Tel: +39 366 253 9199

Tel: +39 366 253 9199 (ask for Chiara or Giada)

Less than a 5 minute walk from Colli Albani (metro)

CT Lashes (services offered also in English)

Tel: +39 366 278 6254

Via Imera 3
Rome, Italy 00183

Plumes Lash & Brow (services offered also in English)

Tel: +39 068074991

Via Fauro, 29

Live inspired

Your friend,


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