Getting Off Birth Control: Holistic Expert Advice Part 2


Here’s Part 2 of the ‘Getting off Birth Control’ interview with Naturopath & Medical Herbalist Maddison Leigh. In this post, we’ll be focusing more towards supplements and new natural methods of contraception.

Do you suggest taking supplements to help nourish our reproductive organs?

Maddi: I 100% suggest taking preconception supplements three to six months prior to when you want to get pregnant (including your partner). It’s funny because a lot of couples prepare longer to buy a house then they do to have a baby. It takes 3 months for the egg and sperm to mature within the body– therefore the health of your body three months prior to you getting pregnant is what the health of your sperm and egg will be. If we want the best chance of conceiving a healthy baby, with the greatest health outcomes later on in life – preparing your body at least three months prior to conceiving is an important step for both you and baby. When there are health problems involved, additional supplementation may also be required. This is why it always best to speak to a holistic practitioner when you do decide to start trying to conceive to ensure you get the best quality supplementation and correct advice for your circumstance.

Which supplements should we take in order to balance our hormones after being on Birth Control?

Maddi:  I often prescribe zinc glycinate and a magnesium glycinate. However, if you have a health condition it is important you speak with a holistic health practitioner as further supplementation may be required to support coming off hormonal birth control. Even better than supplements though is improving your dietary intake of nutritional foods and looking at your lifestyle and environment!

Have at least one source of each carbohydrate, protein, and fat at each meal. Stick to complex carbohydrates (oats, brown rice, sweet potato, buckwheat, quinoa), unrefined fats (extra virgin olive oil, avocado, hummus, eggs, flaxseed, salmon, nuts and seeds), as well as a combination of plant and organic free-range animal proteins (chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, hummus, hemp, chicken, fish, red meat). On top of this, make sure you are consuming a range of colourful fruits and vegetables for their antioxidants and fibre!

In addition, switch out to organic sanitary items, the vulva and vagina are densely populated by blood vessels that rapidly absorb chemicals from non-organic sanitary items.

And remove plastic from your life! Change your plastic drink bottle/containers/Glad Wrap to stainless steel, glass or beeswax wraps!

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If you’re looking for new, safe, hormone-free and effective alternatives to birth control, check these out:

 Menstrual Chart to Prevent Pregnancy

Maddi also provides a Menstrual Charting consultation (but she also offers a complimentary guide on her website on the topic) using the Symptothermal Method.  This method is also  98.2% effective in preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

Natural Cycles
  • Is a natural contraceptive method that is non-hormonal and non-intrusive.
  • Natural Cycles is a mobile application certified in the EU for contraception.
  • The app is used by women in combination with a basal thermometer and protection (or abstinence) on fertile days, as indicated by the app.



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