We Are Wild Deodorant Review


If you’re in the market for a sustainable, lightly fragranced, compostable, aluminum-free, mailed to your door subscription deodorant, Wild might tickle your fancy! No beating around the bush on this one. I’m just getting right into the goods, so read on.

Case Colours

Cases are available in four colour varieties; aqua (pictured above), coral, purple and silver.


They have Toffee Apple for a limited time (I don’t know why, but that scent seems strange to me as a deodorant). Anyway, their regular roster includes; Coconut Dreams (got that), Bergamot Rituals (got this for The Mr.), Mint Fresh (yep, this one too), Orange Zest and Rose Blush.

Subscription Plans

There are 3 to choose from (shipping fee is extra)

  1. Subscribe & Save includes 1 case + 1 refill + flex subscription cost £12

2. One-off Purchase aka The Discovery Pack includes 1 case + 3 refillable deodorants £25

3. The Full Monty includes 1 case + 5 refill deodorants cost £32

4. If you already have a case (like we do) and want to order refills, there’s the 12-week subscription with your choice of 3 refills at the cost of £15 plus shipping.

They offer free UK delivery. Since we live in Italy, we paid 1.80euro, which is nothing, so no complaints there. But shipping was pretty slow, and we followed up with them with an email. So in total, after the exchange from pounds to euro and including shipping, we paid 31.13euro for the “One-off Purchase package.”

One little hiccup with delivery

We Are Wild’s Customer service rep via email (dated on Aug 26th):

“Thanks for ordering from Wild! Your order was posted on the 17th August so it’s on its way to you. We usually estimate that international deliveries take 7-10 working days.”

Btw they’re located in London, so I don’t get why it would take so long, but whatevs.

Refills packs are available in 3, 6 or 9 at a time.

Does it Work?

We Are Wild Deodorant using Coconut Dreams in the Aqua case.

Me and the hubby —yes, we shared the deodorant, haha, and no, we didn’t want to buy two cases because if it didn’t work out, we’d have added junk hanging around). We started with Coconut Dreams, overall with the summer heat, it worked. On certain days, we did feel like we stank, but maybe it’s because we didn’t put enough on or it was just THAT hot out, or we worked out extra hard, and the deodorant couldn’t match.

But on most days, we felt like it worked, and we’d give our experience a 7 out of 10 (for the Summer months). We’re on our 2nd refill Bergamot Rituals and 8 out of 10 for fall, and it’ll probably give it the same mark for winter. We’d say one refill lasts about a month.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s start off with the cons:

  1. It doesn’t stain, but it transfers onto clothes if it isn’t blended into the skin properly (so don’t overapply or apply too much).
  2. Kind of clumps in the folds on your armpits.
  3. Doesn’t hold up during intense workouts.
  4. There’s a slight learning curve with opening the case and installing the refill.
  5. It’s not necessarily cheap, only weighing 45gr per refill and costs £5.


  1. It’s aluminum-free. Why is that important? Aluminum can cause itching, irritation to the skin and block sweat glands from producing sweat in your underarm.
  2. The refill containers are compostable and made from bamboo pulp.
  3. Cruelty-free and not tested on animals.
  4. It’s single-use plastic free! Yay!
  5. Fragrance/ scents are really light, not at all heavy or overwhelming—just a slight hint.
  6. Travel-friendly weighing at 45gr.
  7. Applies creamy/dry.
  8. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  9. Once you get the refill in the case, it works just like a traditional deodorant case.
  10. Varied case colours.
  11. A percentage of their sales goes towards a climate charity to support reforestation projects.

In our mind it’s a no brainer, we’d definitely order this product again. The pros outweigh the cons by a long shot, and although the product isn’t perfect, it’s effective on most days, and we like what this brand represents.

So here’s a discount if you’re up to try it yourself! They gave me a special offer to share with friends. I’m treating you to an exclusive 20% off your first order. I’ll also get a reward, so it’s a win-win! Here’s the link

Let me know if you ever try their deodorant and what your experience has been like.

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