How to Decorate Your Home Affordably


Our apartment renovation completely went over budget, by like a lot. I wasn’t surprised, but my hubby was, so I needed to find ways to stay on theme (because, after all, we are building our dream home) and have it stay on budget as much as possible when it came to the home decor.

#homestyletip that saved us some major dough?! ⁠

It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget!

Print out, plan a mood board and set a budget for items in advance( ’cause ? adds up real fast? , haha)—everything from light fixtures, tiles, hardware, linens, mirrors, rugs, etc. Once you’ve narrowed down your theme for your home, it’ll be a lot easier to spot your fav dining table ON SALE as we did (more like moving sale)! ⁠

We lucked out on all the items we had on our mood board just because we were always aware of the budget and style we were going for. We bought sooo many pieces by fluke in store on sale or used/moving sales and various times during the year. Planning helped us manage stress (so key), kept us on budget and the theme! ⁠

Where to Buy Guide

we bought this console from Maison du Monde originally priced at 315euro on sale for 160euro ( for floor model).
It’s no longer available but you can find something similar here (pictured below)
Venicie console retails for 399euro
Our wallpaper “Fan Palm” is from Sanderson 1860 the Glasshouse Wallpaper Collection.

We were going through the catalogue and I fell in love with the print instantly. We had to order 3 rolls to cover the entire entrance wall from top to bottom. We knew we wanted wallpaper in certain parts of the house, and I was definitely looking to create an impact on the entrance.
We paid 96euro per roll from an authorized retailer in Rome, and it was shipped from London.

We’re thrilled with how it turned out, so purdy!

This is the example in the catalogue. Other colours in this print are available.
The rattan mirror is from Casa Shop and retails for 59euro. They have a store located at Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino strip mall.
Wall lamp EUSTIS is from Maison du Monde and retails for 39.99euro we bought 3 of them. Two for the entrance and one for the pantry.

Are you a fan of wallpaper? Did you enjoy the post? I’m planning to add a buy guide for the other parts of our house, stay tuned.

Photos were taken by Seven

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