Why Family Photography is Important


Life during the Covid pandemic has got me super focused on my family. I don’t know what my outlook would have been like if we were living through “normal” times, but I am hyper-aware of how quickly our 9-month-old son Tommaso is growing.

I worked with Lifestyle Photographer Tanya Montesano a couple of years ago to work on content for our Instagram. Since then, she’s expanded her repertoire to cover families and weddings. It’s been wonderful and (really) challenging balancing life as a mom, while also taking care of our 7-month-old Lagotto (Mango), Sunny our rabbit, plus laundry and all of that other fun stuff. Don’t even get me started on social media, if you’ve been following me, you’d know very well that I’ve taken a long hiatus.

So, it can almost seem impossible (and dare I say) exhausting to find the time to get done up, get to a location and take pictures of our family ourselves. Even with Covid, we still need to find a safe way to have normalcy in our lives and remember the good moments in troublesome times.

Tanya came over last weekend and shot some pictures at our house and in Villa Borghese. At first, we were a little apprehensive about having her over for obvious reasons but we were extra careful. While she was at our house she was super respectful and mindful of how she conducted herself in our home, she maintained her distance, washed her hands as soon as she came over and wore a mask the entire time (and we wore ours in between shots outside).

My outfit
Matching Set Mango (from last year), similar Top here
similar bottoms here

If you live in Rome or travelling to Italy at some point you can find Tanya on Instagram , Facebook or here while she’s working on her website.

As a side note, as I mentioned earlier we met last weekend and she sent me the edited pictures on Wednesday! Whoa, she’s super fast at getting your photos back to you! Can’t wait to print these off and hang ’em up!

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